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Moodles are also known as Maltese Poodles, Malte-Poos or Maltipoos. They are bred from a Toy Poodle to a Maltese. Life expectance is 12 - 16 years.

Moodle Sizes

We breed 1 size of Maltese Poodles

Height at the shoulder: 20-30 cm (8-12 in)
Weight: 2.5-4.5 kg (5.5- 9.9lb)

Moodle Colours

Colours vary from chocolate, black, silver, red, white, caramel and cream.

Moodle Temperament

Moodles are a small, cute cuddly dog with high intelligence and a fondness for human companionship. They are loyal loving lap dogs for the elderly and young alike. Their exercise needs are minimal making them ideal for people with apartments or small yards. They are happy getting exercise by playing in the house, but still enjoy going out for a walk or run. They do not require much training as they are very intuitive and will naturally follow their owner.

Moodle History

We bred our first Maltese Poodles in 1993. We now breed 4th generation Moodles. They have always been popular in the time we have bred them but are now in demand as more people discover how wonderful they are.

Maltese Poodle

Maltese Poodle - PinnyMaltese Poodle - Pinny

Maltese Poodle - PerkeitaMaltese Poodle - Perkeita

Maltese Poodle - ChloeMaltese Poodle - Chloe

Maltese Poodle - ZacMaltese Poodle - Zac